select l.*, r.*, t.*, rk.*, r.fk_icons as icons, unix_timestamp(l.logins_date) as logins_date_unx, unix_timestamp(r.frep_date) as rep_date_unx, w.fwatch_key, l.logins_key as rep_logins_key , l.logins_username AS rep_logins_name, o.*, f.* from t_frm_rep r left join t_logins l on l.logins_key = r.fk_logins left join t_rank rk on rk.rank_key = l.fk_rank left join t_frm_top t on t.ftop_key = r.fk_frm_top left join t_frm f on f.frm_key = t.fk_frm left join t_frm_watchlist w on w.fk_frm_top = t.ftop_key left join t_frm_opt o on o.fk_logins = l.logins_key where r.frep_active = '1' and r.fk_frm_top = '3692' order by frep_date asc limit 0,50

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